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NEW CLASS! Glow Mumma - Pre/Post-Natal

Having spent over 10 years in the fitness industry it has become apparent that mums are not always correctly looked after during and post birth. They are unsure of how much and what type of exercises are safe and effective, which can lead to injuries or worsened postnatal contraindications and potentially stopping exercising all together.

Pregnant and postnatal clients are a special population who deserve to be taken care of, and it needs to be done safely, effectively and thoughtfully. A woman’s body changes when having a baby and so does the way she thinks and feels about her body, and when given the tools to educate and keep herself safe when returning to exercise she has the potential to become stronger and fitter than ever before.


Come along to trial our new Glow Mumma Program on Thursday 3rd July at 9:30am.


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WINNER - STUDIO OF THE YEAR 2018 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards

Hamilton's Own Women's Dance, Fitness & Beauty Boutique! Studio Glow can help you create your GLOW today!

At Studio Glow we break the mould of the run of the mill gym & dance school environment.
We know that we can help any woman or child find what makes them GLOW,
whether it be up in the Dance Studio, moving for enjoyment, or preparing a Wedding Dance, down working on your fitness in the womens’ only Gym or getting a sunless Spray Tan...

Our Story

Having felt that unbeatable glow performing on stages on cruise ships all over the world, Abby began dreaming of a different kind of glow..

Growing up immersed in everything dance training in ballet, tap and jazz, Abby always had a passion that eventually led to her to teach dance, discovering while finishing up her training in Hamilton that she was well rewarded by passing on knowledge to younger students.  A dream of a dance career then led her to Auckland to train full time in Musical Theatre and Teaching. 

Abby had big dreams even at that point, once her travel days dancing were over, of having a space of her own that she would be able to deliver classes as she enjoyed for so many years.

Studio Glow was born of the idea that everyone needs to find their glow, because they deserve it! 
For Abby a glow came from within by performing. She then found the transformation of spray tanning was something she enjoyed the effect and confidence boost of. 

Fitness has been something that allows Abby to feel alive and glowing. By working towards qualifications and building experience in these areas, she has now managed to build a boutique studio and create an atmosphere in a space that allows women to feel a sense of belonging and be challenged in their own unique ways to become better.

Each day Studio Glow is growing with more on offer and a passionate team of ladies that deliver services with that fabulous glow attached. We believe in building strong women who glow from the inside out and we deliver on that - just ask a Glow Girl when you see one!

"Studio Glow is an accepting and safe environment where women of all ages can strive to do the best they can, given their own limitations and ambitions. There is gentle pressure to try harder, and an in-depth knowledge of the field which creates a high level of trust"

Wanting to get an extra glow? Enquire about our Spray Tanning services!

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Phone. 0274 611 234
Email.  abby@studioglow.co.nz

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