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At our Tauranga Branch...

At Studio Glow Tauranga we have something very special and unique to offer.
Every client passing through our doors is after something different in life and so we offer that right back. The chance to personally unpack goals and dreams and make them happen, whether after the perfect wedding dance or becoming comfortable in your own body, we celebrate you while getting there. 




Our most popular dance-fitness class year after year - Glow Motion is a high-energy 45 minute dance and exercise hybid for women that combines a range of different fitness styles such as Ballet Barre, Core (bums & tums), Toning of the upper and lower body, basic Dance movement and Flexibility in a class similar to Zumba - but to mainstream songs you can sing along to!
The exercises are simple for all skill levels/abilities and leave you feeling worked out and fabulous!


  • 12 week block
  • 27th July - 12th October 2022
  • Sessions held at Pyes Pa Hall, 742 Pyes Pa Road, Tauranga
  • $204 (12 week block) if paid in advance - save $36
  • $20 per casual class
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Abby delivers one to one or two to one personal training/fitness sessions that allow you to receive personalised programming drawing attention to areas you need the most support with.

Whether you need to drop some weight,
develop your technique,
need that accountability to do exercise
or just want to enjoy the fun of training with someone else and not having to plan the workout,
Abby and her years of fitness and dance experience is just who you need!

Availability & Location

Abby has a range of time slots available to suit your schedule and while based in Pyes Pa if wishing to visit in her space, she can also come to you in your home, or meet at her resident hall - Pyes Pa Hall on Pyes Pa Road.


Initial Consultation $90
60 minute session $90
45 minute session $75
30 minute session $55


If you're wanting to wow your guests with a specially designed Wedding dance, Abby, a professional dancer/choreographer can ensure you bring professionalism to the dance floor!


To begin...

You will first need to make a plan on what your vision for your dance is - do you want to learn something short and sweet, have a fully choreographed piece of music, add your bridal part or family in....whatever dream you have for your first dance we will do our best to create!
The more lessons and time together that we have, the more detailed and lengthy your dance can be. Our dance expert will ensure you' be taught at your pace to ensure you feel confident no matter where on the scale you sit, from absolutely amateur – to professional!

Pricing covers:

  • Initial consultation over phone
  • Creation of personalised choreography (outside of session time)
  • Preparation/changes to be to routine made prior to each lesson
  • Dance lessons/time spent with couple

$100 per session (number of sessions determined by time/difficulty of dance choreography) 


How do/can we choose the song?

I am here for you and happy to help to ensure that if the right song for your first dance as Mr & Mrs doesn’t seem to present itself, or you have too many to choose from, we can come to a decision that will work for you.

When choosing your music and playing with ideas for your dance, try these tips:
Select a song that you both love and can picture yourself dancing to.
Aim for a song that you know you won’t easily get sick of as it takes many practices and time playing the music over and over to have your routine looking wonderful!


Enjoy a safe, sunless spray tan from Studio Glow for your next event, special night out, or even just to give you that healthy, confident GLOW back.

Studio Glow uses Spraytanz, a 100% New Zealand made product by the only Organically Certified, ISO Approved Cosmetic Manufacturer. Spraytanz produces a beautiful natural tan that will last between 7-10 days.


  1. Shave/wax and exfoliate the night prior to your appointment
  2. As close as possible to your appointment, have a shower. 
  3. Turn up with no make up, jewellery, perfumes or moisturisers on.
  4. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing along to your appointment with hair tied up. 
  5. After your tan, no showering, sweating or bathing for 8-10 hours
  6. Your gorgeous glowing tan will last longer if maintained carefully by avoiding bathing for long periods, keeping well moisturised and avoiding anything abrasive on the skin.

What can I have on while I am being tanned?

If you are not wanting a ‘FULL’ body tan, I have available for your personal use, a disposable G-string and/or shelf bra that you can be covered with.
You are also welcome, if you’d prefer, to wear any of your own underwear to cover up a little – the tan will wash out of the fabric no problem.
I also have disposable head-caps to cover your hair during your spray tan.


Full Body Spray Tan $45
Half body (above hips or below hips) $30

Concession cards and mobile Spray Tanning available on request (location dependent)


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