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Why us?

At Studio Glow, we have something very special and unique to offer. Every client passing through our doors is after something different in life and so we offer that right back. The chance to personally unpack goals and dreams and make them happen, whether after the perfect wedding dance or becoming comfortable in your own body, we celebrate you while getting there. 

Glow Girl of the Month, VIP groups, special events, Stretch of the Month, Glow Leader Board, all fun, encouraging interactive initiates to have the women of Studio Glow striving and thriving. We are just a little bit of special you've been looking for.


Due to the nature of Studio Glows services, we have a strict cancellation policy used with all personal/one on one sessions.

At least 24-hours notice in advance of the cancelled session MUST be given.
If not, or the full fee for the session must be paid.

If we are informed a number of days (outside of 24 hours) of when the session is booked, there will be no cancellation charge and we will do our best to slot you into another session that week if possible. 

Please note that if making a booking for ongoing training at Studio Glow, the slot we have planned is now regarded as YOUR weekly session time.
This means that the session slot is not given away.
Cancelling last minute makes it difficult to make use of valuable if you decide not to use your session.

To cancel, please message as soon as you know you're unavailable and I will text back to let you know the cancellation has been confirmed.

Your understanding of this is much appreciated.