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GLOW anytime, anywhere!

Our Glow Library allows those unable to attend our live classes to get their glow when it suits them!
Our online dance and fitness programs can be done live in studio, live on zoom from home or recordings of all classes can be caught later on our Glow Library.r

Classes on offer:

GLOW Pilates

This low impact mat class will have you strengthening your core through targeted exercises while also gaining flexibility (through stretching) in a relaxed calming environment.


Tone brings focus to a different muscle group of the body per week and allow you to gain better lifting technique and knowledge of how to correctly engage your muscles to build strength and tone to assist you in your own knowledge of safe and technical training.

GLOW Ballet

Never given the chance as a wee girl to tip toe around in a tutu?! Now is your chance! Each session, participants build up technique, notice improvements in strength and muscle tone while securing posture and a graceful style.

GLOW Stretch

Our stretch session allows those wanting to improve flexibility nand release sore, tight muscles the chance to do so. You will be taken through a full body release and feel limber and relaxed in no time!

GLOW Motion

A body-weight based dance-fitness class that combines Ballet Barre, core (bums & tums), toning of the upper and lower body, basic dance movement and flexibility in a class similar to Zumba, but to mainstream songs you can sing along to. The exercises are simple for all skill levels/abilities and leave you feeling worked out and fabulous!

GLOW Zumba

Just how you remember! The latin-inspired dance-fitness craze comes to you with a combination of the typical zumba numbers + a bunch of mainstream favourites as well. Using simply body-weight and your own fab energy, you're bound to have a great time!

GLOW Boost

A strength and cardio class given by Qualified Personal Trainer suitable woman of all fitness levels.
Weight loss. Stronger heart and lungs. Increased bone density. Reduced stress. Reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. Temporary relief from depression and anxiety. More confidence about how you feel and how you look. Better sleep...What more could you possibly want from a class?!


This beginner class is perfect for those that have always wanted to learn to Tap dance. Teacher Tess will take you through the basic steps and techniques with exercises and routines, covering a range of styles.You'll be tapping away in no time!


These two classes are designed to offer a more low impact option to those after a slower pace.
BREATHE offers a intensity class plan combining light resistance work, pilates and stretching. You'll breathe easy all day long!
LIT is similar however has less of a pilates focus with only a small core section and focuses more on those wanting more of an introduction into exercise and wanting to learn more about their bodies before/after baby or injury.


A movement to music class to assist those age 65+ with their strength and balance. With the involvement of dance, balance and toning exercises and circuit training, this interactive class leaves our members with a feeling of personal achievement and the enjoyment.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is $5 per person and does not require membership through GLOW UP!


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