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Glow Group Classes

Block Four 2019 - 14th October - 20th December (10 weeks)

Studio Glow’s next Group Class Timetable is packed with more variety than ever  with all your favourite dance and fitness classes.
Read all about the class types we offer on our class descriptions as you scroll down.

While our weekly membership structure allows for unlimited access to all of our classes, we run in blocks of 10 weeks with new material each block. We observe the school holiday breaks so once the 10 week block ends, we run a 2 week block break where we run one-off classes that members can access as part of their membership before getting into a new block of 10 weeks.

Can I join mid-way through the block/while it's already running?
Of course! Obviously we'd love to have you from the beginning, as recommended, however we know that's not always manageable.

Can I just do a class now and again?
The other option available is to book a casual class - this means you are able to get glowing with us as often as it works in! 

Either way, Our blocks allow for you to build up confidence and technique week to week and feel that awesome glow of accomplishment that commitment brings!

Payment Options

Unlimited Glow Membership is $27.16 per week

Becoming a Glow Member gives you full access to all group dance & fitness classes on our timetable . By becoming a member this will unlock access to all Studio Glow classes year round.

Terms: Minimum of 3 months of weekly payments. To cancel direct debit membership contact Studio Glow to terminate.

Casual option is $20.00 per class

One-off classes can be booked casually for those wanting not wanting to sign up for our membership option. This option is for single use classes only.

PLEASE NOTE: Our booking process is best carried out in Google Chrome to avoid errors.

Block 4 - Class Descriptions


Monday 5:30pm

Glow Motion is a body-weight based dance-fitness class that combines a range of different fitness styles such as Ballet Barre, core (bums & tums), toning of the upper and lower body, basic dance movement and flexibility in a class similar to Zumba, but to mainstream songs you can sing along to. The exercises are simple for all skill levels/abilities and leave you feeling worked out and fabulous!


Tuesday 6:15pm

This resistance-based class will bring focus to a different muscle group of the body per week. It will allow you to gain better lifting technique and knowledge of how to correctly engage your muscles to build strength and tone to assist you in your own knowledge of safe and technical training.


Tuesday 6:00am

Come along to practise this Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Class includes breath control, balance, and the adoption of flowing postures and relaxation. Yoga is widely practised for health and wellbeing and we know it will have you glowing!


Tuesday 10:00am

A movement to music class to assist those age 65+ with their strength and balance. With the involvement of dance, balance and toning exercises and circuit training, this interactive class leaves our members with a feeling of personal achievement and the enjoyment.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is $5 per person and does not require membership or registration through our website. Members can turn up causally and pay in cash on the day of session.


Tuesday 5:30pm

This low impact mat class will have you strengthening your core through targeted exercises while also gaining flexibility (through stretching) in a relaxed calming environment.


Tuesday 6:30pm

This new dance class gives intermediate-advanced level dancers a 10-week mix of contemporary, lyrical and ballet styles of dance. Teacher Sana is passionate about these forms of dance and will use exercises and dance routines to improve technique and style. Warm up and cool-down stretch also helps to keep your body strong and conditioned. 


Wednesday 6:00am

GLOW Rhythm features a range of dance styles to get your day kicked off with the joy of movement! Instructor Lizzy will take you through a 45-minute dance class with warm-up, a dance style focus for each lesson, ending with a cool down/stretch.


Wednesday 12:30pm

Standing for; Low Intensity Training - this class allows those who are not super conditioned to exercise or who made need a lighter training option pre or post pregnancy or injury. The class plan gives you the chance to build strength lifting light weight and improve your cardiovascular fitness. There are also core and flexibility elements involved.


Wednesday 5:30pm
Motion 'plus' brings all the fabulous dance-fitness exercises you know from Glow Motion (lower body, upper body toning, core, cardio and stretch tracks) but with MORE! Each exercise track is packed into the same fun class, but with the addition of dumbbells, resistance bands and other exercise equipment to ensure you feel more toned and stronger than ever!


Wednesday 6:15pm

The Glowettes are a ladies dance performance company who can be hired to perform professional/performance work around the country.
This weekly class/rehearsal for the company is aimed at the Advanced-level dancer (Ballet/Jazz/Musical Theatre) and involves a warm up, progressions, jazz-based exercises and routines.
Content may differ if the company are rehearsing for any up-coming work/bookings.


Thursday 6am

Weight loss.
Stronger heart and lungs.
Increased bone density.
Reduced stress.
Reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.
Temporary relief from depression and anxiety.
More confidence about how you feel and how you look.
Better sleep...
What more could you possibly want from a class?!
Options given by Qualified Personal Trainer mean the class is suitable woman of all fitness types.


Thursday 5:30pm

Never given the chance as a wee girl to tip toe around in a tutu or wear a pair of pointe shoes as a budding ballerina?!
Now is your chance to try ballet as an adult student and learn or re-learn the basics of this beautiful style of dance. Over the weeks, participants build up technique, notice improvements in strength and muscle tone while securing posture and a graceful style.


Friday 6am

Bootcamp is typically known as a military style class using fitness equipment such as dumbbells, kettle-bells, battle-ropes, skipping ropes, TRX etc.. However at Studio Glow, you will enjoy our own fun version of this medium-high impact class while building strength and endurance with challenging circuits and formats. 


Saturdays 9am

Our newest Group Fitness class to Studio Glow and our very first weekend session for your convenience. Make a great start your weekend and BREATHE with us in this low impact/intensity class combining light resistance work, pilates and stretching. You'll breathe easy all weekend long!

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Terms & Conditions

  • All statutory holidays are observed (no refunds given to members with unlimited access)
  • No booking is required for Glow Members - any number of classes can be attended each week.
    For causal/drop in bookings made online, refunds or class credits will NOT be given for missing the class.

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