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Glow Group Classes

Studio Glow’s latest Group Class Timetable has the most class options available to date and is packed with loads of variety! Although we would love for you to join us from the beginning of the block, you are able to join any time! 

Registrations are currently being taken for Block 5 which is 8 weeks in length beginning Monday 6th August - Friday 28th September.

All classes are 45 minutes long (aside from Glow Mini – 30mins & Glow Burlex and Glow Yoga 1 hour) and are held at Studio Glow, Unit 7, 9 Karewa Place, Pukete, Hamilton.


Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm

Glow Motion combines all types of dance fitness, Ballet Barre, core (bums & tums), toning, basic dance movement, Zumba and also concentrates on flexibility. The exercises are simple for all skill levels/abilities to follow and
paired to mainstream music that you can groove to along the way!


Tuesday 6:15am & Friday 5:30pm

Come along to practise this Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Class includes breath control, balance, and the adoption of flowing postures and relaxation. Yoga is widely practised for health and wellbeing and we know it will have you glowing!


Tuesday 12:30pm, Thursday 7:15am 

This low impact, Pilates-based class allows you to ground yourself on a yoga mat and focus on core strength and flexibility (stretch) in a relaxed calming environment.


Tuesday 5:30pm

This resistance-based class will see us focus on a different muscle group of the body per week. It will allow you to gain better lifting technique and knowledge of how to correctly engage your muscles to build strength and tone.


Wednesday 12:30pm

Low Intensity Training
This class allows those who are not super conditioned to exercise or who made need a lighter training option pre or post pregnancy or injury. The class plan give you the chance to lift some light weights and improve your cardiovascular fitness. There are also a core and flexibility elements involved.


Wednesday 4:00 - 4:30pm

A fun, interactive dance and fitness class to get 3-6 year olds enjoying movement to music and laughing along with games and props.


Wednesday 6:15pm

The Glowettes are a ladies dance company who perform at professional/performance gigs around the country. The class is aimed at the Advanced-level dancer (Ballet/Jazz/Musical Theatre).


Thursday 12:30pm

Weight loss. Stronger heart and lungs. Increased bone density. Reduced stress. Reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. Temporary relief from depression and anxiety. More confidence about how you feel and how you look. Better sleep - what more could you possibly want from a class?! Options given by Qualified Personal Trainer mean the class is suitable woman of all fitness types.


Thursday 4:30pm

A chance for teen boys and girls to learn the joy of Musical Theatre through a fun beginner-intermediate class. Each week, a new musical is explored and a routine put together by a professional Musical Theatre performer. A warm up and cool down, also set to musical sound tracks allows participants to experience the nature of a regular dance class while interacting in a supportive environment.


Thursday 5:30pm

This class allows the adult beginner to learn the basics of ballet. Over the weeks, participants will build up technique and see improvement in their strength and posture as well as muscle tone.


Thursday 6:00pm

This class allows pre and post-natal mothers (to be) to exercise in a safe environment with carefully selected exercises to suit you at any stage of pregnancy. Our fabulous instructor will ensure that you are working at your own pace and intensity and also help mums getting back into exercise to feel fit and strong in no time!


Friday 6:30pm

Burlesque-fit offers dance, flexibility and fitness bundled into a fun flirty class! The class focuses on muscle toning, core strength and flexibility creating a medium level of cardio fitness in the form of interval training. The class leaves you feeling fit and healthy, empowered and confident motivating women from all walks of life to get active.


Terms & Conditions

Due to numbers, those wishing to maintain a spot in a particular class for the block must commit to the full 5 weeks with compulsory upfront payments or the spot will be given up.

  • No refunds or class credits will be given for missing a class unless discussed upon registration. 
  • All classes you register for on the online form above are considered to be ‘pre booked’ for you. 
  • Non-attendance or late cancellation will be charged in full.

Interested in Group Fitness Classes at Studio Glow?

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