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Children's Dance Classes

At Studio Glow, we are all about inspiring young people to move and move well - and we definitely think that moving through dance is one of the most enjoyable ways to do it!

Current classes are building us into beginning with a bang in 2020 with our Dance NZ Made syllabus - we are currently the only Hamilton Dance Studio to be offering this style of Jazz Exams and we are super proud to be doing so!

Dance NZ Made has an awesome approach which encourages students to enjoy and become confident in their ability to perform, at the end of the day, thats the ultimate experience for a dancer is being on that stage and we love improving a child's technique and performance ability to be skilful at exactly that.

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Registrations for Block 3 timetable beginning Monday 22nd July are now open!
On offer are our junior classes; Glow Mini (ages 3-4) and Glow Move (ages 5-7).

The term of 10 weeks would be the following cost:
Glow Mini: $80
Glow Move: $90
Registrations close Monday 1st July

Older children wanting to dance?

Children's classes are new at Studio Glow, therefore we are starting with children under 7 who are brand new to dance whom haven't had the chance to fall in love with it like we have yet!  
We believe in doing things well, so will invest time and energy into this age group before moving up the levels.

We plan to build up classes as we progress however, our timetable does also feature a Musical Theatre class for Teens.

If interested in any of the 3 children's classes, register click the button below and you'll head to our registration form to sign up for the class block.

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