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Children's Dance Classes

At Studio Glow, we are all about inspiring young people to move and move well - and we definitely think that moving through dance is one of the most enjoyable ways to do it!
Our approach is to encourage students to enjoy movement and become confident in their ability to perform, at the end of the day, thats the ultimate experience for a dancer is being on that stage and we love improving a child's technique and performance ability to be skilful at exactly that.


AJDA Tap Syllabus comes to Studio Glow!

The American Jazz Dance Affiliation Tap Syllabus was created by Kay Muir and Glyn Gray with the emphasis on rhythmic quality through an easy style. The work promotes a growing understanding of Tap technique. The Syllabus is designed for students age seven years through to adult where the dancing is accompanied by cool and funky music.
Annual technical examinations are conducted in September of each year. Students are examined in groups with maximum number of six.

Click the button below to register, or touch base for more information as we begin classes shortly!

Children's Classes - Term 1 2022

Our term begins Tuesday 8th February and finishes Thursday 14th April.

Glow Tap - Level 5 - 9-12 years

6:15-7pm Wednesdays
$170 per term (10 week term) 

Glow Tap - Level 7 - 13-17 years
5:30-6:30pm Mondays
$167 per term  (9 weeks - due to Waitangi Day holiday)

Glow Musical Theatre - 11-17 years
4:45-5:30pm Mondays
$153 per term (9 weeks - due to Waitangi Day holiday)

To register your child - fill in the registration form below to have them part of our block of classes!

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PERFORMERS GLOW BOX - Holiday Workshops

Next holiday workshop dates announced shortly!

Performers Glow Box is our School Holiday Dance Program catering to children from 3-18 years - We love having young dancers come along to Studio Glow to learn with us in our boutique space and with no more than 10 per class - promise we offer a personalised and caring approach to how we work with our students.

We really pride ourselves on offering unique experiences to young performers so that they can expand on their wonderful knowledge gained in th term through their regular classes.

Our workshops offer our age group 'sets' which include jazz, ballet, lyrical and Musical Theatre - the essentials for any budding performer.
We also include Hair & Make Up, Contemporary, Acro, Dance-fitness, Boot Camp, Strength & Conditioning and Stretch classes and more so that budding performers can see the importance of versatility but also the need to look after their body for the long run.

We really believe in the need for young dancers to take open classes. Our workshop classes give young ones something new to think about and their brains a chance to expand, away from the structure of syllabus work.

Our Performers Glow Box Workshop allows children of all ages to build on their joy of movement and all things theatre with us!

Performers Glow Box Timetable

Performers Glow Box Timetable

​Prep For Pro:

This workshop teaches budding professional dancers about Industry Awareness & Choreography/Audition Technique.
The day workshop is designed to give those aged 15+ who are attending auditions or interested in transitioning into full-time dance training - then ultimately, the professional dance industry the knowledge and skill set to approach an audition strongly.In a competitive industry such as the Performing Arts, it is so important to be educated on how to attack an audition confidently, take on new choreography and market and promote yourself to a panel, school or dance company - the sessions making up this comprehensive workshop help you to do just that!

How does registration for the workshop work?

A student will generally enter their age group class set - the 4 dance classes and then register for any special/open classes supplementary according to needs or interest.

Class 'Set' prices are for all 4 classes, and the open classes are charged seperately. Once 4 special classes are entered into, discount is applied.

While we encourage the full 'set' of classes to be attended, children wanting only to participate in one or two of the set classes can do so - please contact us to discuss.

Prep for Pro ia a pre-tertiary program we run (day-workshop style) several times throughout our year.

With a new year starting and a bunch of new teens in their final years of school who will be looking into dance as a career, we would love to offer this within our workshop week to cater to those looking to progress their dancing and improve audition technique.

A discounted rate will apply to this workshop for those also attending their age group set.

SO, once you've decided which set and which open class you would like to enter, scroll down to the form below and we will be in touch with payment details via an online invoice! Payment will secure your child place with us for the workshop week.

ALL payments must be received by Thursday 9th January.

Classes On Offer

Our class sets for each age group include Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Lyrical.
Our open/special classes are an add on to their age group sets to gain skills and experience in something new!

Dancers Strength & Conditioning/Pilates/Glow Camp: 

The young dancer can gain so much from learning at a young age how to condition their body in order to avoid injury!

Each of these fitness based classes take a different angle to give performers an overview of the importance of their bodies and how you can best look after it to ensure it supports you through exams, shows, rehearsals and competitions to keep you moving well and enjoying dance. Dancers will learn that a strong body needs great posture and strength to be able to tolerate an increased workload as they grow and to be able to improve intensity to withstand the challenges it faces. Over all, a strong body means less time off lessons and of course reduced pain and worry! Perfect for all school aged children.

Hair & Make Up: 

A huge asset to a dancers toolbox is a confident approach to hair and make-up.
Having the skill to do make up for the stage or a light look for auditions to enhance the face is a an essential skill in our world of Performing
Being able to easily carry out crafy hair doo's to ensure that you are always looking polished and professional for lessons, shows and auditions will have you a step above the rest!

Based on Studio Glows very own dance-fitness class, GLOW MOTION this session will have you warmed up then into a 'ballet barre-inpsired' peice, next is a upper body track, followed by further tracks focussed on lower, core and cardio before a cool down. Exercise to music is common in the gym space and great for young dancers to open their mind to other styles of exercise also beneficial to their dancing.

Also catch our Sassy Jazz, Acro and Contemporary classes to gain some extra experience in some different styles very well sought after in the dancers toolbox.

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