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Boutique Womens Group Classes


With a wide variety of Dance, and Fitness class styles on our timetable, you're bound to find a way to move with us that you enjoy and a weekly session you'll fall in love with!

Group Class Payment Options

Click the button of the pass you would like to register!

GOLD PASS (Unlimited) Glow Membership is $45 per week

Becoming a GOLD Class Member gives you full access to ALL group dance & fitness classes on our timetable .
By becoming a GOLD member, you will unlock access to all Studio Glow classes live in studio, via zoom, or as a recording from our Glow Library - all year round

Terms: Minimum of 3 months of weekly payments. 
To cancel direct debit membership contact Studio Glow to terminate.

SILVER PASS Glow Membership is $30 per week

Becoming a SILVER Member gives you access to TWO or THREE group dance or fitness class on our timetable in studio per week. By becoming a member this will unlock access to the two or three classes all year round.
Terms: Minimum of 3 months of weekly payments. 
To cancel direct debit membership contact Studio Glow to terminate.

BRONZE PASS Glow Membership is $20.00 per week.

Becoming a BRONZE Member gives you access to ONE group dance or fitness class on our timetable in studio per week.
By becoming a member this will unlock access to one class all year round.
Terms: Minimum of 3 months of weekly payments. 
To cancel direct debit membership contact Studio Glow to terminate.

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How do I pay, can I bring cash?

To keep things easy, we run a cashless studio. Instead, we have 3 options for you if wanting to get started with group classes - whether coming only once per week, 2-3 or if you're wanting unlimited access - we have a pass for you!

I can only attend virtually as I can't get to the studio in Hamilton - can I still join?
Of course! With all of our classes being available to Gold members (unlimited access pass) on Zoom and recordings of each class loaded to a library, you never have to miss out!

When is the best time to trial a class?
Any time is great! Some of our dance classes do have a plan that runs throughout the 12 weeks so it's always an ideal time at the end of a block to come along and try a class before our new block begins - so when a fresh class plan begins, you get the baby steps from the beginning!

Do I have to let you know each week which classes I'm doing?
As a pass member, we like to know which classes you intend to do as we do have a cap for covid distancing requirements, however if you cannot attend any of your elected classes on your pass, just let your class know on our class-specific member messenger group prior to the class.

What if I have to miss a class I have noted I intend to come to?
After letting your class/instructor know on messenger group, you can opt into any other class on the timetable that week to make it up.
The class credit can only be used within the 12-week block.

Can I join at anytime?
Of course! Whenever you're ready to get glowing - we are too!

Can I just do a class now and again?
Of course! Just give us a call, email or message below on our website booking form to let us know what you're keen to attend and we'll flick through an invoice.  Casual sessions are $25 per session and this means there's no strings attached and you are able to get glowing with us as often as it works in! 

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Class Descriptions

Monday 5:30-6:00pm
Our 30-minute online core blast will train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen leading to better balance and stability. In everyday movement, whether your regular daily activity or work of higher intensity, core strength and an understanding of how to safely brace the core is required to protect your back and enable strong and safe movement.

Monday 6:00-6:30pm
Let this 30-minute online booty session help you to get those glutes glowing! Candice will take you through a series of glute activation exercises to have you strengthening your glutes - important for proper pelvic alignment, propulsion during running, as well as stance support. Glute training will also aid your lower back during lifting motions, and prevent knee injuries during lifting and running exercises.
AND, who wouldn't want a gorgeous, curvy derriere in the process!

Monday 6:30-7:15pm
GLOW Jazz is an open jazz class aimed at the adult dancer. Instructor Tess will take you through a 45-minute dance class with warm-up, and a range of jazz dance exercises each lesson, ending with a cool down/stretch.Great for those wanting to get back into their dancing as an adult after a break from the joy of dance!

Monday 7:15-8:00pm
Theatre Jazz is the perfect chance to get learning some routines and enjoying choreography to all sorts of musical and in a range of dance styles. With our awesome instructor, Tess, you will put together dance steps and formations to create full show numbers and feel the glow of creating great routines!

Tuesday 5:30-6:15pm
Glow Motion is a body-weight based dance-fitness class that combines a range of different fitness styles such as Ballet Barre, core (bums & tums), toning of the upper and lower body, basic dance movement and flexibility in a class similar to Zumba, but to mainstream songs you can sing along to. The exercises are simple for all skill levels/abilities and leave you feeling worked out and fabulous!

Tuesday 6:15-7pm
Never given the chance as a wee girl to tip toe around in a tutu or wear a pair of pointe shoes as a budding ballerina?!
Now is your chance to try ballet as an adult student and learn or re-learn the basics of this beautiful style of dance. Over the weeks, participants build up technique, notice improvements in strength and muscle tone while securing posture and a graceful style.

In this open class, teacher Tess will hone in on the steps and techniques of Tap through exercises and routines, covering a range of styles. Shuffle off to buffalo, time step and wing with like minded tappers. You'll feel challenged and enjoy mastering more exciting skills in the fab style of dance!

Wednesday 6:15-7:00pm

This low-impact mat class with Ari involves Pilates, strengthening of the core, arms and legs, balance training, stretch/flexibility with some meditation added in there too.
Wonderful for those wanting to strengthen and tone, but also find release and length through the body.
After joining us in a lovely calm atmosphere, we know you'll feel your glow leaving this one!


Thursday 5:30-6:15pm
Teacher Niamh will take you through 3x 4 week blocks of Lyrical, Commercial and Contemporary dance styles. With a focus on routines, the class will also include a warm up, prep exercises before cooling down the body. These modern dance style will have you explore the body through a range of creative movement and leave you feeling glowing!

Thursday 6:15-7:00pm

This resistance-based class will bring focus to a different muscle group of the body per week. It will allow you to gain better lifting technique and knowledge of how to correctly engage your muscles to build strength and tone to assist you in your own knowledge of safe and technical training.


Tuesday 11:15am - 12noon

A movement to music class to assist those age 65+ with their strength and balance. With the involvement of dance, balance and toning exercises and circuit training, this interactive class leaves our members with a feeling of personal achievement and the enjoyment.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is $5 per person and does not require membership or registration through our website. Members can turn up causally and pay in cash on the day of session.


Head to our 'Childrens Classes' tab to register for all classes/workshops for under 18's...

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